• B - Plant forming its first bulb.
  • C - Plant with bulb & growth.
  • C+ - plant with bulb & several growths.
  • D - near flowering size plant.
  • F - Flowering size plant.
  • BB - struck back bulb of a superior, rare, or stud plant.

  • ORIGINAL PLANT - an exclusive plant produced from seed.



Granny Smith ‘Tee Pee’
A real standout with its clean green blooms contrasted beautifully with a whit-based red banded lip.
Flowers readily in August and September. Originated from well-known Victorian grower, Terry Poulton.
F - $35.00 (SOLD OUT)
Pharaoh’s Dream
A beaut multi-spiking early winter pure colour yellow intermediate that originated from the Keith Wallace Wholesale Nursery in NSW.
Good grower that makes a fabulous specimen plant.
C+ - $22.50 (SOLD OUT)
Willunga Regal ‘Midnight’ CE-CSM/COCSA
Excellent intermediate awarded show and pot plant which regularly multi-spikes. Very deep red with up to
19 flowers on a stem. Top marks for its colour and ability to quickly develop into a specimen plant.
Very versatile as it can be shown as an upright or hanging basket type.
F - $30.00

Sarah Jean ‘Springfield’
Outstanding Sarah Jean hanging basket mericlone. You won't come across better quality than this. Tested for the past three years and passed with flying colours for reliability, productivity, consistency etc.
July/August bloomer with up to 30 flowers on a stem. Exclusive to our nursery.
D - $30.00

Sarah Jean ‘Blushing Heart’
Delightful Sarah Jean that is a very free blooming cream/green hanging basket mini with a lovely light spotted blush
pink lip. Wonderful specimen plant type. Exclusive to our nursery. Recommended.
C+ - $27.50

Sarah Jean ‘Christine’
High class white hanging basket miniature that consistently blooms in July and August with up to 25 blooms on a stem.
Also exclusive to our nursery and named after my wife.
D - $30.00
Elusive Butterfly 'Seminal'
New Release
Probably the most outstanding peloric that I have bred. Tetraploid.
Has the looks, balance, is a good grower and a reliable winter bloomer.
B- $25.00

Butterfly Magic ‘Eureka’ CE/COCWA - ACS
This awarded clone can flower anytime from May to July with standard size blooms and striking sepal markings. Lightly fragrant.
Can produce up to 13 blooms on a raceme.
Good compact grower which will appeal to lovers of pelorics.
C+ - $45.00 (Original plant - limited)

Butterfly Magic ‘Springfield’
Probably the most eye catching of the standard size pelorics. Highly colourful lip and wedged sepal markings. It is a compact grower and has long stems.
Champion Novelty 2010 National Cymbidium Orchid Show.
C+ - $45.00 (Limited)

Pee Wee ‘Firefly’
And now for something different…..
A consistent sepal peloric miniature that flowers in October and November with up to 33 blooms on a stem.
Ideally shown as a hanging basket.
C - $30.00 (SOLD OUT)