• B - Plant forming its first bulb.
  • C - Plant with bulb & growth.
  • C+ - plant with bulb & several growths.
  • D - near flowering size plant.
  • F - Flowering size plant.
  • BB - struck back bulb of a superior, rare, or stud plant.
  • ORIGINAL PLANT - an exclusive plant produced from seed.



Pharaoh’s Dream
A beaut multi-spiking early winter pure colour yellow intermediate that originated from the Keith Wallace Wholesale Nursery in NSW.
Good grower that makes a fabulous specimen plant.
C+ - $22.50 (SOLD OUT)


Brunette ‘Tetra Mint’ CDF/COCSA
Very dark chocolate brown miniature with an exquisite boronia-like fragrance.
Lovely shiny green foliage. Winter bloomer. Awarded for its perfume and colour. Chance tetraploid.
D - $35.00 (SOLD OUT)


Forrest Place ‘Royale’
A very tall spiking spotted pink eye-catcher. Up to 15 blooms in July/August. Most impressive if allowed to arch. I’m not rapt in most spotted cymbidiums but am an unabashed fan of this one.
D - $35.00 (sold out)
insigne 'Best Pink' 4n HCC/OSCOV
insigne is the most influential species in standard (large) cymbidiums. ‘Best Pink’ is an awarded tetraploid with typically very tall racemes of pink blooms and a heavily dotted white based lip.
Has plenty to offer as a parent if used wisely. Flowers in October in Perth.
C - $30.00
Bennett-Poei ‘Galleria’
A primary hybrid (tracyanum x giganteum and first registered in 1903) with real old world charm that blooms in June with lovely fragrance. Greatly admired by the general public. This diploid is exclusive to Springfield Orchids.
C+ - $25.00   F - $40.00
tracyanum ‘Tamborine’
The spidery tracyanums are the most popular of all cymbidium species with the general public.
Characterised by twisty petals/sepals, frilly hairy lips, striping and unmistakable perfume.
Tamborine’ blooms in May and June with up to 11 flowers on long racemes.                             
D - $35.00 ( Limited - sold out)

Alexandra Beauty ‘Day Dawn’
Still my favourite yellow and a Grand Champion in Western Australia.
A strong grower with tall self-supporting stems. Flowers every season. Presents well and is very pleasing to the eye.
Turning out to be an outstanding parent.
F - $35.00
Sarah Jean ‘Ice Cascade’ ACC/AOC CC/COCSA
Undoubtedly, Australia’s most loved cymbidium. Beaut July/August white hanging basket mini.
Excellent grower, wonderful producer and spectacular when grown to specimen size.
F - $30.00

Bossanova ‘Electric Pink’
I really like this tetraploid plant that is aesthetically very pleasing. Lovely blush pink complemented by a beaut lip.
Mid winter bloomer, multi-spiking with up 22 flowers on a raceme. Makes into a terrific specimen plant and is virtually foolproof. Recommended.
D - $27.50
Phar Lap ‘Geyserland’
Prolific red hanging basket mini with lovely foliage and is an excellent grower.
Phar Lap has been involved in quality crosses such as Dorothy Stockstill, Itchycoo Park, Alida Valli, Samantha Davis etc. October flowering makes it one of the late season bloomers.
F - $30.00