• B - Plant forming its first bulb.
  • C - Plant with bulb & growth.
  • C+ - plant with bulb & several growths.
  • D - near flowering size plant.
  • F - Flowering size plant.
  • BB - struck back bulb of a superior, rare, or stud plant.

  • ORIGINAL PLANT - an exclusive plant produced from seed.



Aussie Rules ‘Rachel’
‘Rachel’ is an impressive multi-spiking (up to 15 blooms) early winter deep red miniature that is a fail-proof flowerer.
Good grower and as an added bonus, is fragrant. A rare combination.
C - $20.00 (Sold out)
Music Box Dancer ‘Ballerina’
One of the best named and prettiest cymbidiums available. Highly productive between June & August with soft featured white (initially opens as ice green) intermediate sized blooms. Up to 26 blooms. Free standing.

C+ - $27.50 (sold out)

Sarah Jean ‘Chorous Girl’
Another new release hanging basket mushroom cream mini nicely balanced flowers reminiscent of the best of the famous Showgirl cross. Would be a welcome addition to any lover of pendulous cymbidiums.
D - $25.00

Pumizon ‘Party Pink’
I really like this very pretty pink July upright mini. Great grower, ultra reliable multi-spiker.
Virtually foolproof. In the words of Molly Meldrum, “do yourself a favour” and don’t let this one slip by.
D - $25.00

Sims Vision ‘Barcelona’
I really like this tall spiking blush tetraploid pink with a superb contrasting lip. Reliable August/September bloomer that has proven popular on the show bench as well.
D - $27.50

Trinity Gold ‘Gorgeous’
Originally from Bryants Orchids, this eye-catching yellow gold multi-spikes and can flower as early as July in Perth
with up to 14 blooms on a stem.
F - $35.00


Toltrice Mary Jane’ HCC/COCWA-ACS
Classy June - August mini/intermediate white with blush pink overtones that received its Highly Commended
Certificate award in 2009.
Naturally pendulous with up to 25 blooms on a stem.
D - $25.00  


Kiri Te Kanawa ‘Princess’
Has been around for over thirty years, but I really like this August brown with a beaut lip and good keeping qualities.
Bred by Geyserland Orchids, it is a nice grower that is very easy to bloom with up to 15 blooms on a raceme.
As classy as the dame from New Zealand that it is named after.
F - $32.50  

Cronulla ‘The Khan’
Back by popular demand. This big pink green awarded polychrome has been an outstanding show plant and breeder. A very reliable flowerer that if provided with more light whilst in bud will intensify the pink colouration.
July bloomer in Perth with up to 20 flowers from a mature bulb. Can be a big grower, but the public love it.
F - $30.00