Elusive Butterfly ‘Paris’ x Coastline ‘Leader’
A standard sepal peloric cross for mainly whites and pinks in September.
The pristine but short spiking white peloric ‘Paris’ is complemented by the lovely long racemed ‘Leader’.
Both parents are free flowering. Exciting tetraploid peloric potential.
F - $22.50
Elusive Butterfly ‘Paris’ x Captivating ‘Pink on White’
‘Pink on White’ is an appealing two-toned spring bloomer with a beaut crimson barred lip.
Another easy bloomer that in combination with ‘Paris’ should produce some eye-catching white tetraploid pelorics in September.
F - $20.00
Coastline 'Beauty' x Bossanova 'Electric Pink'
My favourite pink here combined with the ultra free flowering ‘Electric Pink’.
Seemed a logical coupling as the shortish spike habit of ‘Electric Pink’ should be corrected by the lovely long stemmed ‘Beauty’. One of only two crosses that I have made with ‘Electric Pink’, with the best likely to make valuable future tetraploid stud plants.
F - $20.00