floribundum ‘Springfield’ x Alexandra Beauty ‘Day Dawn’
This cross should produce pretty upright yellow and green mini’s and intermediates - predominantly in winter.
Only the second cross that I have made with ‘Day Dawn’ to produce small flowered varieties.
Very confident that it will be successful.
F - $20.00

Coastline ‘Leader’ x Successful ‘Gamble’
Again, similar to the  Coastline 'Beauty' x Successful 'Gamble' cross but much richer pinks expected in spring.
Spectacular lips and spike length should be a trademark of this cross.
F - $20.00
floribundum ‘Tokiwa’ x Alexandra Beauty ‘Day Dawn’
‘Day Dawn’ has been a fabulous parent for me. Yet to see a “dud” from it.
Here it is combined with the tetraploid variegated leafed species ‘Tokiwa’.
Should be free blooming compact plants in a range of yellow, orange, apricot and peach shades.
Mainly upright and arching. Some will be pendulous. The best should make excellent future tetraploid parents.
F - $20.00